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Michael Sitowitz

"I'm in charge of my destiny..."

Michael S Final

I’d been doing accounting for over 35 years, the last 20 of which were in healthcare. In 2019 I resigned and went full-time RV and traveled the U.S. for a year. At the end of the year I felt it was time to go back to work and I started looking. I applied to over 25 positions where I felt I could contribute something. Because everything is so impersonal these days I got only one reply and it was from YPTC. I happened to be in Barcelona at the time and that was a challenge coordinating the first interview! When I got back to Arizona I interviewed in person and we hit it off. I felt very comfortable with the company and excited about the mission of helping nonprofits with their accounting, which allows them to focus on achieving their missions. Three months after I started at YPTC a company I was really interested in contacted me, but I told them, “You snooze – you lose.” I know I made the right decision.

I love my job.  Number One for me is that I feel like I’m in charge of my destiny. I can make my own schedule. I work out of the Phoenix office, but I live in Florida, so I’m accommodating my clients in several different time zones. At YPTC you have the flexibility to make your own schedule to meet the needs of your clients and still maintain your work-life balance.

There’s a tremendous amount of support and help if you ever run into a situation you’re not familiar with. I wasn’t accustomed to that in my previous work. And then there’s the culture. A lot of companies say things that sound great but this company is always looking out for the employees – they even compensated us for our time off to get vaccinated during COVID.

I used to teach customer service at a hospital where I talked about reputation. Reputation is not created by the company – it’s the company’s people who work for that company. When customers complain it’s not about the company but about the service they got. If your people are happy they give good service and then the clients are happy. And that’s how it is at YPTC.

And I still live in an RV!

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