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Carly Smith

"A company that truly respects new, original ideas..."

Carly Testt

When I started searching for a new design position last winter, I was hoping to work for a company with a more meaningful mission statement than where I was working prior. So when I found the job listing for YPTC, I was immediately interested. What could be more meaningful than helping nonprofits flourish while being able to do what I love within an incredible community with great energy?

YPTC includes a vast community of welcoming people who are thoughtful, supportive and genuinely happy to be working here. We are definitely our own breed of animation! You can tell when people are truly happy within a company, and here you can truly feel that YPTC genuinely cares. YPTC not only seems incredible on paper, but they actually follow through with action.

I know it sometimes sounds cliché or corny when people say they love their job, but I wake up every day feeling genuinely grateful to have found this community. My marketing team is amazing to work with as well. They always encourage and provide the space for me to grow and try new ideas. They give me their full support to be able to thrive in everything I do. I never hear a firm “No” to any idea; instead, it’s “How can we incorporate this idea into a new project?” It’s rare to find a company that truly respects new, original ideas and allows you to branch out beyond the original job posting. Working here compels me to want to achieve great things, to become the best designer possible, and most importantly, to be a better coworker and person.

It says a lot about a company’s culture to have a community of people who truly respect one another, and I think that’s the best recipe for great success within a company. I genuinely wake up feeling grateful to work here every day.

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