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Julianne Spingler

"There’s never a stagnant day here..."

Julianne Final Test

I have a journalism degree from Temple University and later pivoted into marketing. When COVID hit, the marketing world began to evolve, and I found myself in a similar transition period. I came across an opening with YPTC’s marketing team as a Marketing Content Coordinator, and the role seemed made for me, so here I am! Since then, I’ve grown and am now a Creative Content Specialist.

YPTC is the first place where I’ve worked that allows me the freedom to exercise all my skills and explore all my interests—I can write articles, produce videos, and create new design concepts all within the same week. There’s never a stagnant day here, and because of that, I thrive.

Not only do I consistently apply the knowledge I’ve gained through my education and prior positions at YPTC, but I am also gaining more. The opportunity to keep learning, and the degree of trust needed to do so, is rare. YPTC emphasizes education in its culture and embodies that emphasis every day. I have never felt more empowered to continue growing in my career!

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