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Glen Devenish

"There’s really something different going on here..."


After 20 years of working in public accounting and for Fortune 500 companies, I turned my focus to serving nonprofits. I thought it would be difficult to get a job because I didn’t have that background but at YPTC it didn’t matter: they wanted to hire experienced accountants and help me learn about nonprofits. My biggest take-away during the interview process was that they actually read my resume and our conversations were really on-point. I was invited to a quarterly staff meeting before I started and was struck by the energy and enthusiasm in the room – I’d never experienced that in a room full of accountants. I felt that there’s really something different going on here. It makes me look forward to when we all get together. The systems we have set up to be able to reach out and ask questions is fantastic. My colleagues are all friendly, professional and willing to help. My clients have diverse missions and challenges that keep me on my toes and stretch my professional growth. I get great satisfaction in helping them achieve their mission. I’m blessed that they look forward to seeing me. All of that makes working at YPTC a truly positive experience.

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