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Jill Emerson

"When you're happy, your clients appreciate you even more..."


This has been a wonderful year for me. I like the fact that Eric and Jen take the time to recognize that their employees may be interested in becoming involved in other parts of the organization. So in addition to being an associate, I’m now also director of Bookkeeper Technician University®, which lets me use some of my other skills. It’s very rewarding to be a part of this program and to offer this training to our nonprofit clients.

One thing that has enhanced my work ethic is the 35-hour week. As long as I communicate openly with my clients and make sure the work gets done, my schedule can be very flexible, which makes it easier for me to juggle different aspects of my life. This is rare to find in the accounting industry: it’s been essential to me. It reduces my work-life stress and lets me be more effective – and happier – at work. And when you’re happy, your clients see it and they appreciate you even more. When all aspects of your life are getting focus, it makes you a better accountant.

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