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Judy Eisler

"They asked me what I wanted..."


I did a lot of things in reverse. I had years of bookkeeping experience, but no college degree. I finally decided to get my degree and put all of my experience to better use. I earned a scholarship to West Chester University and I completed a BS in Professional Studies. After graduation I updated my resume on a job search website. That is where I saw Your Part-Time Controller’s ad for Bookkeeper Technicians.

From my very first contact I knew Your Part-Time Controller was different. During my interviews, they asked me what I wanted instead of telling me what they were looking for. I remember my first day – it was 8/9/10. How convenient is that?

My clients are located in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which is great because I like to travel. There’s also a lot of flexibility in the hours I work, and since I am at several different clients I avoid a lot of the usual office politics. I love that my work plays an important role in assisting my clients to fulfill their missions.

Your Part-Time Controller has awesome support. We receive training on relevant topics throughout the year and there is a large pool of knowledge among my co-workers. There is a real sense of team here. I love working at Your Part-Time Controller!

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