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Lizeth Herrera

"I’m learning so much here..."


I worked in public accounting and in industry for 12 years before joining YPTC as the first employee in the new Phoenix office. I enjoyed that work and it gave me great experience, but now it feels really good to be with the nonprofit sector. The nonprofit world gives my job a whole different meaning. I feel that by doing what I love, I’m positively impacting my community. When I joined YPTC, I was looking for a flexible part-time position so I could spend more time with my three-year-old son. Part-time employment is difficult to find in accounting, and I was very lucky to find YPTC as they offer flexibility and a challenging and rewarding job. In addition to the flexibility, I really like the opportunity for learning. I’m learning so much here because we have exposure to different clients. Every client is different, with different systems and challenges that you have to handle. It may sound like a cliché but every day you learn something new. The exposure to those differences is wonderful. The company really supports its employees and our professional growth. They pay for our continuing education and also have in-house training on relevant topics where we can attend or even participate as a presenter. There are lots of opportunities to share what you know and to learn from your coworkers and managers. The culture of the company is very impressive. Even though the Phoenix office is far from the Philadelphia office, we still feel like we’re part of the family. They do a great job of communicating with the remote offices and sharing the culture with us. Management stays very involved with the employees and spends time with us making sure we have the support we need. We feel close to them and to our peers. It makes for a family environment.

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