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Teresa Salemi

"Trust is one of the pillars of our culture..."


What I like most about working for YPTC is our culture. I have always felt that I had the support of YPTC when confronted with difficult situations. Trust is one of the pillars of our culture and reinforces to me the unique workplace that YPTC has created.

Additionally, YPTC’s training and education are critical to our success with our clients and position us to help them as nonprofit accounting experts. The variety of clients we are able to assist makes our jobs interesting and rewarding, but also requires a lot of knowledge and training. YPTC’s training gives me the confidence to advise my clients while also providing me with the resource framework to constantly update my knowledge and skills.

As the Director of our Washington, D.C. office, I’m grateful for the many opportunities I’ve received for professional growth at YPTC. YPTC empowers all of our staff to become involved in their areas of interest, which allows a vast array of choices to take advantage of and expand their professional skills.

I also love the collaboration we have with our colleagues. Because of the nature of our work and the fact that our staff is not all working out of the same office, you might expect that we would have less communication with each other. On the contrary, we constantly share information and communicate which allows us to solve our clients’ problems quickly and efficiently.

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