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Tom Colicchio

"There is no feeling of internal competition..."


After 30 years in accounting and financial management, all in the for-profit arena in mostly larger, international corporations, I found myself for the first time in my career “in-search”. One thing that I knew was that I wanted a major change in terms of culture and working environment. Along the way I became very interested in the not-for-profit sector, as the experience I had in volunteer capacities serving on a couple of boards for organizations that I believed in had provided a great deal of personal as well as professional satisfaction. YPTC had not been at all on my search radar, as I was focused exclusively on nonprofit agencies.

I heard of YPTC through a networking connection and was very intrigued by the business model. Perhaps even more appealing was the description of the company culture, and the level of professionalism and expertise it seemed to have. I had gone through the interview process and two things became very clear. First, Eric, Jen and the team take great care in selecting associates who are the right fit for the organization – in terms of skills as well as personal characteristics. Second, that there was nothing more important than the staff. Not profits, not even clients. This is a rare thing in this day and age.

After a year now at YPTC, I can emphatically say that this was not a sales pitch. YPTC is special, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. I feel that I am very supported by everyone – not just by management but by all of my colleagues. There is no feeling of internal competition. The training, resources and problem solving capabilities within our own internal network is fantastic. If issues at a client materialize, YPTC has your back. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed and will help you do it. I love the culture at YPTC, love my clients and I’m very happy with how my “career change” has turned out.

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