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Lobying Myths Debunked

Lobbying Myths Debunked! The Truth About What Nonprofits Can and Can’t Do Related to Lobbying and Political Activities

Thursday, June 24th 1pm-2:15pm ET This webinar examines the lobbying and political activities conducted by tax-exempt organizations and debunks some of the untruths related to lobbying. The CEO of a fictional company poses questions throughout the presentation so that attendees can uncover what activities nonprofits can and cannot do in attempts to advocate for their

Webinar: QuickBooks Online Capabilities

On March 18th, Rachel DeMatteo, YPTC Senior Manager partnered with Network For Good to detail and demo the basics of QuickBooks Online for nonprofit leaders and finance professionals. Now, more than ever, cloud-based financial software is a versatile and powerful tool that is imperative to your organization’s success.    During this webinar recording, you’ll learn: