Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC) traveled all the way to Australia to attend the 2022 Tessitura Learning and Community Conference!

Tessitura is a software utilized by arts and culture organizations everywhere to manage important tasks and functions such as ticketing, fundraising, and more. Given its prevalence among the community, and therefore YPTC clients, it only made sense for the company to send representatives that understood both the platform and the arts and culture sector. With all the above considered, Houston Manager Justine Townsend and Vertical Specializations Director Andi McGunnigle were the perfect picks.

So, the pair packed their bags and journeyed to Sydney, where the two-day event was held from November 16th to November 17th. Between hosting a sponsorship booth and attending various learning sessions, YPTC connected with over 300 arts and culture organizations from all over the world.

On this experience, Justine said, “Catching a performance at the Sydney Opera House was more than just a personal dream come true; it was also a thrilling example of how the arts universally unite people.  As YPTC takes these first steps into international territory, it is heartening to experience firsthand the ways in which the passions and struggles of artists, audiences, and potential clients—both at home and abroad—are so deeply connected. It was an honor to represent YPTC overseas and learn how we can serve the great arts companies and help build a more beautiful world!”

Andi added, “It was amazing to represent YPTC at our first international conference. It’s incredible to reflect on how much we’ve grown, and how that level of growth makes it possible to enter markets on a worldwide scale. Australia also happens to be one of my favorite countries—I love the culture, the people, and of course, the birds!”

Justine and Andi’s trek to the Tessitura Conference was a resounding success in terms of building a brand presence and network overseas. That’s why in 2023, the world is the limit for YPTC. Stay tuned for our next trip!

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