Our accounting experts will help your nonprofit organization stay on air by keeping your finances tuned and transmitting clearly. 

Broadcasting and media nonprofit organizations face unique accounting and financial management challenges. We’ve worked with nonprofits like yours for over 30 years and understand the unique components that support your operations.  

1. Components  

  • Production services  
  • Licensing  
  • Sponsorships and underwriting agreements 
  • Unearned revenue 
  • Multi-year agreements 
  • Pledges, membership dues, and subscriptions 

2. Financial Management 

  • Accounting for restricted vs unrestricted assets 
  • Recognizing timing of revenue  
  • Tracking of grants and gifts 
  • Complying with audit requirements 
  • Troubleshooting 990 reporting 

YPTC can assist with visualizing your nonprofit’s financial data helping you tune out the noise to focus on the story of your impact. The right nonprofit accounting partner can help mitigate pitfalls using tools and controls. 

3. Maximize Technology 

  • Present complex data graphically   
  • Integrate and reconcile donor database and financial software  
  • Utilize real-time reporting using dashboards 

4. Financial Controls 

  • Define and implement segregation of financial duties 
  • Establish institutional memory and recommend internal control 
  • Clarify reporting and address transparency 

We work with nonprofits to reconcile software systems, enhance transparency, maintain excellent compliance standards, and educate staff and boards to help management feel confident in their numbers.  

5. Board and Staff Training 

  • Train staff and establish procedures that support policies 
  • Train boards to understand practices and governance 

When numbers need a voice, trust the harmony of our team! Our nonprofit experts are passionate about helping organizations operate more efficiently while avoiding common nonprofit financial issues. 

YPTC is here to help! 

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