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Media & Publishing Specialization

You’re the best at bringing quality content to the public. 

Let us help you find the real story with your finances. 

They trust you, and you can trust us.

The accounting services we provide are essential for media and publishing organizations to maintain financial stability, comply with regulations, make informed decisions, and build trust among stakeholders.


The complex revenue streams and cost structures in the industry make accurate and reliable accounting even more critical for sustained success.

media and publishing

 Are your numbers a tangled plot? We organize your financial story so you can focus on producing and publishing yours!



Like your organization, accurate and timely reporting is what we do! We work with you to develop financial reports and visualizations that tell your organization’s financial story in a way your team can embrace and communicate to other stakeholders. Our Non-Profit Finance experts and Data Visualization team can build custom dashboards and reports to illustrate your progress toward subscription targets, royalty agreements, intellectual property valuations, inventory management, and more.



Understanding complex revenue streams can be a struggle but YPTC is here to help. We have experience managing all the nuances of revenue recognition from advance sales, subscriptions, licensing, advertising, and sales of physical or digital media, to training, education programs, and special events. We do this while meeting donor restrictions and conditional grant criteria to support your programs. We can also handle UBI (unrelated business income)!


Allocations & Cost Accounting

Tracking your jobs including overages, grants, and restrictions can strain your organizational capacity, taking the focus away from your mission. We are experts in allocations and cost accounting. We’ll help you track production costs and overhead across multiple metrics to bring clarity, deliver relevant KPIs, and get the most out of your funding sources.  


Budgeting and Forecasting

The landscape of Media & Publishing is changing constantly. Whether your lead times are long or short, accurate forecasts and multiple-year budgets are more important than ever to ensure the longevity of your organization. We can take the burden off you by training your team to become experts at budgeting and contributing regular updates to your forecasts, ensuring you’ve got the cash flow you need to make strategic decisions about investments to support your mission and your operations.  

Broadcasting and Media

YPTC’s Impact in Five Key Areas for Broadcasting and Media Nonprofits

Our accounting experts will help your nonprofit organization stay on air by keeping your finances tuned and transmitting clearly. 

Broadcasting and media nonprofit organizations face unique accounting and financial management challenges. We’ve worked with nonprofits like yours for over 30 years and understand the unique components that support your operations.  

Read a few of our media and publishing testimonials:

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Justine Townsend, Manager, and Leader of YPTC's Arts & Culture Specialization. 

Justine Townsend, CPA, is a lover of the arts and has worked with many arts organizations, she is also an adjunct professor of Financial Management of the Arts for the University of Houston’s Master of Arts Leadership program. She has served in financial leadership roles and as an auditor for nonprofits for over 16 years. Justine uses her in-depth knowledge of nonprofit financial management and passion for service to the arts, to assist arts organizations achieve their missions.

In addition, Justine is backed by numerous colleagues at YPTC who are passionate about the arts and have experience helping arts and culture organizations reach their full potential.

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