Performing arts nonprofits across the country fill multiple roles in their communities. Bringing culture, inspiration, stories and ideas, these nonprofit organizations help to shape their surroundings and contribute to a brighter future.


Now more than ever, performing arts leaders are often expected to maintain this level of influence in their communities with limited resources. Evolving audience behaviors, the great resignation, and other long-lasting impacts of the COVID pandemic has led to a reliance on non-financial leaders to perform financial management and accounting functions. To accurately tell the organization’s financial story, these organizations need the tools, expertise, and financial leadership that a nonprofit financial expert provides.

The Performing Arts need financial leadership that can:

  1. Communicate financial and operating results in a dynamic way to board members and funders.
  2. Advise and guide on best practices to maximize revenue diversification.
  3. Analyze and report on deferred revenues and donor restricted funds with emphasis on areas of focus (with donor restrictions vs. without donor restrictions).
  4. Facilitate multi-season planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC) plays a crucial role in attending to these needs. As a specialized firm that excels in handling intricate accounting tasks, YPTC serves as an in-house accounting department for performing arts nonprofits. Through financial leadership, YPTC ensures that these organizations are well-equipped for success. With a team of experienced professionals, YPTC effectively bridges the gap between financial and nonfinancial data, maximizing organizational effectiveness while effectively communicating these insights to board members.

For 30 years, Arts and Culture nonprofits have partnered with Your Part-Time Controller, LLC to clear a path for creativity while ensuring financial needs are met. We alleviate the overextension of performing arts leaders by offering services customized to your organization’s unique needs, giving you the space to focus on what matters.


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