Your Part-Time Controller, LLC’s (YPTC’s) Marketing Department makes magic happen with social media, print and digital media, internal presentations, and much more. Below is a behind-the-scenes look at the team, from the perspective of each member. Read about their unique career journeys, what they love most about working at YPTC, and what exactly makes that marketing magic possible.


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Ericka Blair, Marketing Director

When I started college, my goal was to be a lawyer or a journalist. It was on a whim that I switched paths and pursued a business degree with a concentration in marketing instead. My career started at a global manufacturing company as an Account Manager. While it was challenging and exciting to work with international clients, it wasn’t fulfilling.

A move to Philadelphia and a role as a Marketing Coordinator at a financial valuation firm followed, but after a few years, I wanted more opportunities to develop and explore my genuine passions.

I was interviewing with another company when I heard about YPTC through LinkedIn. On the same day, I received a job offer from both companies. What influenced my ultimate decision was the care YPTC took with me as a candidate and person.

Growing in tandem with the growth of YPTC’s brand and digital presence has been as invaluable as it is unique. It has also shaped me from YPTC’s first marketing hire to the Marketing Director I am today. Leading a team of creative and bright individuals from whom I learn every day is one of the greatest highlights of my career. I strive to offer the same level of support and guidance given to me to this next generation. 


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Julianne Spingler, Creative Content Specialist

I have a journalism degree from Temple University and later pivoted into marketing. When COVID hit, the marketing world began to evolve, and I found myself in a similar transition period. I came across an opening with YPTC’s marketing team as a Marketing Content Coordinator, and the role seemed made for me, so here I am! Since then, I’ve grown and am now a Creative Content Specialist.

YPTC is the first place where I’ve worked that allows me the freedom to exercise all my skills and explore all my interests—I can write articles, produce videos, and create new design concepts all within the same week. There’s never a stagnant day here, and because of that, I thrive.

Not only do I consistently apply the knowledge I’ve gained through my education and prior positions at YPTC, but I am also gaining more. The opportunity to keep learning, and the degree of trust needed to do so, is rare. YPTC emphasizes education in its culture and embodies that emphasis every day. I have never felt more empowered to continue growing in my career! 


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Sam Trembly, Marketing Operations Specialist

In my first role out of college, I felt like I had little opportunity to make an impact and create a career path for myself. This led me to pursue jobs with organizations I felt I could meaningfully contribute to while growing into a marketing professional.

I had come across YPTC while searching for my first job after graduation–though the job posting was asking for a more developed applicant, the hiring manager was kind enough to send me a personal note to apply after I had gotten some experience under my belt. This interaction had always stuck with me, and when it was time to find a new job, I went straight to YPTC’s website and applied for my current role.

YPTC always gets nominations as a Best Place to Work, and it’s true. To me, the best part of working at YPTC is the ability to explore my ideas. I can experiment with new concepts and approaches, and I am met with excitement rather than pushback. In previous positions, I struggled to feel like I was making an impact, but at YPTC, I feel the complete opposite. Everyone is so kind and outgoing and they are genuinely excited to work with you. It’s a very supportive and delightful environment to work in.


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Carly Smith, Graphic Design Coordinator

When I started searching for a new design position last winter, I was hoping to work for a company with a more meaningful mission statement than where I was working prior. So, when I found the job listing for YPTC, I was immediately interested. What could be more meaningful than helping nonprofits flourish while being able to do what I love within an incredible community with great energy?

YPTC includes a vast community of welcoming people who are thoughtful, supportive, and genuinely happy to be working here. We are our own breed of animation! You can tell when people are truly happy within a company, and here you can truly feel that YPTC genuinely cares. YPTC not only seems incredible on paper, but they follow through with action.

I know it sometimes sounds clichéd or corny when people say they love their job, but I wake up every day feeling genuinely grateful to have found this community. My marketing team is amazing to work with as well. They always encourage me and provide the space for me to grow and try new ideas. They give me their full support to thrive in everything I do. I never hear a firm “No” to any idea; instead, it’s “How can we incorporate this idea into a new project?” It’s rare to find a company that truly respects original ideas and allows you to branch out beyond the original job posting. Working here compels me to want to achieve great things, to become the best designer possible, and to be a better coworker and person.

It says a lot about a company’s culture to have a community of people who truly respect one another, and I think that’s the best recipe for success within a company. I genuinely wake up feeling grateful to work here every day.


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