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Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation

"They are truly partners and collaborators with us"

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The Mission Medical College for Women in Vellore, India, was founded in 1900 and became the Vellore Christian Medical College (CMC) following the decision in 1945 to admit men. The College has come a long way from its humble start as a one-room clinic, growing into the largest Christian hospital in the world and India’s most prestigious private hospital and medical school. Each year, CMC cares for over 3,000,000 patients and trains 1,000 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Some 1,500 alumni now practice in the U.S., with many more working in India and other countries. CMC is recognized around the world for its unique model developed over the past 120 years of delivering the highest quality of treatment without regard to patients’ ability to pay – putting compassionate care above the balance sheet. An American governing board was created in 1932 in New York to govern CMC, raise funds, manage investments, and represent the college in the U.S. and Canada. Today, the Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation continues to expand CMC’s development strategy in the U.S. to ensure the continued longevity and impact of CMC’s compassionate care, scientific research, nursing scholarships, and medical education programs through fund-raising, friend-raising and capital project support.

“Our relationship with Your Part-Time Controller has been one that is very positive,” says Foundation President John Riehl who praises the “deeply meaningful decisions” that YPTC staff have made to support the organization. “We feel they are truly partners and collaborators with us, not just taking care of our bookkeeping. They are working alongside of us.”

Patricia Carroll, Director of Business & Finance, explains that in looking for an outsourced accounting firm the Foundation was attracted to YPTC’s hands-on approach. “We really liked the personalities; we felt they were a good fit for us. They presented a cohesive proposal.” Over the years, several YPTC associates have performed the organization’s monthly close while keeping the   Foundation up-to-date on the latest in nonprofit accounting developments. “When seeking to improve our processes it has always been a collaborative process with YPTC with significant results.

She emphasizes the quality of YPTC’s webinars and training programs. “They speak to people in everyday language that’s informative and clear,” she says. “They have a really effective way of   communicating to their clients.”

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