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Amy Morrison

"I can still work around my kids’ after-school commitments..."

Amy Morrison FINALL

I had been in client services as an auditor for a fairly large regional CPA firm here in Massachusetts, where I did a lot of work with nonprofit organizations. I had two young children at the time and didn’t feel like I wanted to work the crazy hours in public accounting anymore. I went to work for a small local company where I was a one-woman finance department but wanted to get back into client services where I could work with nonprofits. I heard about YPTC and realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do!

The thing that really sold me about coming to YPTC was the 35-hour work week. I have three kids now and while I thought I needed a part-time position I soon realized that with the 35-hour schedule and the hybrid office model I can still work around my kids’ after-school commitments. I really appreciate being in charge of my own schedule and the flexibility. It’s worked out really well.

I loved the ability as an Associate to be independent and to work closely with nonprofits in the nuts-and-bolts of their finances, all the way from bookkeeping to being a trusted advisor. After 10 months I began pursuing an opportunity to become a manager here in our New England office and it’s been wonderful. I’m able to connect with even more nonprofits and our wonderful Associates. I’m able to do outreach and get YPTC’s name out to the community to help even more nonprofits take advantage of our resources. There are so many different opportunities as a manager to pursue areas of interest, whether it’s training, interviewing, or mentoring Associates. I really enjoy that.

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