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Christina Knapp

"They check all the boxes of what I would want in a job..."

Christina Knapp

I’ve been in the accounting industry since I got out of college. After I left public accounting, I worked for two of my public accounting clients, one as their Controller, then worked for another public accounting client of mine as CFO before I went to work for a consulting company. I had learned about YPTC from a colleague who works here and who raved on LinkedIn about the work-life balance and organizational culture. It took me five years to decide to pull the trigger but when I did YPTC was the only company I applied to. I didn’t have a Plan B.

I feel like they check all the boxes of what I would want in a job and some boxes that I didn’t even know at the time. First and foremost for me is the work-life balance. I have a three-year-old so being able to work from home is a definite advantage. I love the autonomy. I have control over my schedule. There’s no approval process if I have to take some time off; they trust me that I’ll get the job done.

Then there’s the culture. They walk the talk. It’s so warm and welcoming and everyone is friendly in a team environment, especially here in the Central New Jersey office. All of my colleagues are professional and educated. In lots of other organizations there are always some people who don’t pull their own weight but that’s not the case here.

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