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Julie Krzanik

"It’s so good to work with people who appreciate what you’re doing for them..."

Julie K Final

My accounting background started with a venture capital investment company here in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. I decided to try something different and became the registrar at an all-girls boarding school and later the assistant to the vice president of finance and administration at a community college. But I wanted to get back to something that was more fulfilling and involved more accounting. I read all the YPTC staff testimonials and was so impressed with how many people loved their job, the flexibility, working with clients, and I thought it would be great for me. I went through the rigorous screening process and here I am!

I love working with clients and helping them with their finances so they can focus on their mission and do what they’re really good at. It’s so good to work with people who appreciate what you’re doing for them. And I really love the 35-hour work week and getting paid if I work more than 35 hours – that’s something that never happens in accounting.

I like the flexibility of working from home; I don’t have to spend a lot of money on gas or wear and tear on my car commuting. I’ve gotten to meet some of my clients in person and it’s always nice to spend time with them.

Since I started, we’ve had three in-person training meetings, so I do get to go to Boston a few times a year. It’s so nice to see all my co-workers in person and get to know them on a personal level rather than just a face on a screen.

Another thing that I really value is that whenever I had a job in the past as a controller, I didn’t have anyone to bounce questions off of. At YPTC I’ve got the whole Boston team, or I can reach out to the whole group of staff accountants’ companywide when I have a question. There’s always someone who can help, and I love that.

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