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Titibeth Castro

"YPTC aligned perfectly with my values and where I wanted to go with my career..."

Titibeth C

I came from a public accounting background where they really worked my hours. I was put in a position where I wouldn’t be able to continue my career path unless I got my CPA, but I didn’t have the time or resources to do that. Meanwhile, when I came out of college, I knew immediately that my passion was to go into nonprofit accounting. I was introduced to YPTC and the more I talked with them and saw how they were managing the organization I saw how YPTC aligned perfectly with my values and where I wanted to go with my career.

I am very grateful to YPTC. They provide tons of resources and training that have really helped with my professional development and acclimating to this role. I love the work-life balance, the benefits and the support systems for me and my clients. I now have the time and the flexibility to study for my CPA. I feel fulfilled doing meaningful work every day to help nonprofits accomplish their missions. YPTC people are the superheroes for nonprofits! It’s a great organization to work for. I’m really happy that I ended up here.

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