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Angela Coaxum

"I'm doing what I love..."


After many years of working in auditing for large corporations, I came to Your Part-Time Controller basically because I enjoy working with nonprofits. I wanted to become a controller so I could use my internal and external auditing skills. YPTC had everything I wanted: the ability to see different clients, the opportunity to be always learning something new, and the chance to see every day as a new experience. The work is enjoyable.

I feel good about my work even if it’s just number-crunching. We’re helping nonprofits to do good work. This is very different from a large corporation. Most of my clients are small and struggling and we’re trying to help them work through their challenges and guide them through issues they’re not familiar with.

As a manager, I get to both see clients and work with the associates. I get to work with a lot of different people and I’m doing what I love.

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