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Brian Potten

"The best part of the job is the feedback from your clients..."


I’ve done accounting for a labor union and a small regional firm, and then got my CPA license and went into public accounting for 15 years. Some of my clients would give me a shoebox full of invoices and check stubs and I had to patch their books together. Others tried to do a good job with their financial records but didn’t, and I had to do a lot of clean-up work. Meanwhile there were long hours during tax season. My background is definitely diverse and I’ve always known when it was time to move on. When I saw an ad on LinkedIn for YPTC, the nature of the work, the 35-hour week and the benefits appealed to me. It’s been challenging at times but really rewarding. You get to see just about everything, whether it’s cleaning up messy situations or preparing for an audit. You get to set your own schedule and you’re not in the same office every day. The best part of the job is the feedback from your clients. You get to know them and they know what you’re there for. You get to go one-on-one with your clients but you never feel like you’re out there by yourself; you can always reach out to your managers and other associates for help. It’s a very supportive environment.

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