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Jeremy Akers

"YPTC has given me back a part of my life..."


I had been working in public accounting for years. The hours were insane, especially if you have a kid, and I was just not happy. A couple of my friends left and went over to Your Part-Time Controller. They seemed to really enjoy it and that convinced me to make the jump. It’s been great. I like the work-life balance. I have a reasonable work schedule. I was working 50- to 70-hour weeks before coming to YPTC and my work week now is under 40 hours, usually 35. If I had stayed in public accounting I wouldn’t know my son very well: I had spent a lot of years not being able to spend the time with him that I should have. In that sense, YPTC has given me back a part of my life. I also like the independent nature of the work: YPTC only hires people who can be trusted to work independently in consulting with clients. I really like having that independence while knowing that I’m helping nonprofit organizations.

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