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Kasey Henry

"They’ve really mastered the work-life balance..."


I just can’t say enough good things about working for YPTC. Prior to joining the team, I was an auditor for many years and I fell in love with the nonprofit world through auditing many nonprofit clients. When it was time to make a change from public accounting I wanted to remain in the nonprofit arena and was excited to see that YPTC had opened an office in Houston. The culture here is terrific. They constantly train us on what YPTC is all about, which is providing the best service to nonprofits, and my coworkers all live that mission. The onboarding interview process is thorough to make sure you’re not only technically competent but also that you’ll be a good fit for YPTC’s culture and that the culture will work for you. It’s not all about the numbers. The other employees are phenomenal, and there are always people available in all of our offices who you can reach out to. They do a great job of making you feel welcome and inviting you to ask questions. They’ve really mastered the work-life balance – it’s not just lip service. I also enjoy feeling that I am truly part of my clients’ teams and that I’m making a difference for them. Plus, it’s great to be in Houston!

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