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Dan Tritch

"Working with people you can trust..."


I worked for YPTC back in 2012-2013 in the Philadelphia office and left to become a teacher for a few years. YPTC was very supportive of my decision, and I never forgot that. I was visiting my brother in the Phoenix area when I learned YPTC had opened an office here and before I knew it, I was back as a manager in Phoenix.

What I like about YPTC are the people and the camaraderie. Even though we work autonomously, it’s great to be working with people you can trust, laugh and collaborate with. My whole career has been dedicated to nonprofits. I really appreciate the opportunity at YPTC \ to work with nonprofits who are the lifeblood of a good civil society. Anything I can do to help them along is a career well spent.

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