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Michael Keating

"You’re part of a much bigger mission..."


What’s great about working at YPTC? Three big things. First, working with nonprofits is very different from working elsewhere. You get to see the impact that your clients have in the community. It really puts things into perspective and makes you feel like you’re doing something that’s truly meaningful. You’re not just crunching numbers. You’re part of a much bigger mission with each client.

Then there’s the autonomy and flexibility. Typically, you’re on your own at client sites and have the ability and responsibility to make decisions to help your clients further their mission. The flexibility of the schedule is very helpful with your personal life, and the work-life balance is second to none.

And third, it’s the people. Everyone is incredibly supportive and the culture is great. Although you’re typically alone at client sites, you have a great team a phone call or email away to assist when needed. It’s not the typical corporate feel. Everyone is treated as an equal and made to feel appreciated, which certainly distinguishes YPTC from other companies.

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