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Thom Lord

"The diversity of things you can do..."


I came to YPTC in 2015 with a diverse background in banking, for-profit and nonprofit experience. What I really like about YPTC is the diversity of things you can do and where you can do it. I spend two days a week conducting initial interviews with prospective clients to make sure that their needs are compatible with what YPTC has to offer. The other days I go to clients out in the field. Working for a nonprofit is fine but you can get into the same-old-same-old. Here, you’re rotating through different clients, each of which has its own unique and specific set of needs and you can use your expertise to help them.

Management treats you like a professional, and if you have an idea or a desire to do something they’re really open to it. The associates are all super-nice to each other. The departments don’t just keep to themselves, so you’re not hanging out with just a small group. When I’m in the office I’m always catching up with everyone and I enjoy talking with them. We’re all coming here with higher levels of financial management experience so we don’t butt heads or fight with each other. We know how to work with each other and not against each other.

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