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Melissa Fawcett

"We’re uniquely qualified to help nonprofits achieve their mission..."


I was working for a soccer-based sports ministry in South Africa and when I returned to the states I wanted to settle in Philadelphia. My housemate was working for an organization that contracted with YPTC and when I told her I was looking for work in nonprofit accounting she suggested I apply. My work is really varied: right now my clients are a school, a tourism board, an animal shelter, and a medical foundation.

There are a lot of reasons why I love working here but I think the most important is that I believe that if I do my job well by adding value to my clients, then I’ll be successful. The most satisfying thing about my position is being able to help nonprofits complete their mission in a more cost effective and efficient way. We don’t just do our clients’ accounting and financial statements: we actually get involved in their charity work and we’re uniquely qualified to help nonprofits achieve their mission.

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