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Joshua Halko

"It’s eye-opening with so many new things to learn..."


I have a degree in theater and English literature and a master’s in nonprofit management for the arts. I didn’t intend to get into finance and accounting but that’s where my path took me after grad school. My entire career has been with nonprofits, working with a studio theater here in Washington, D.C. and with a national AIDS organization before I came to YPTC in 2018.

I learned more about how nonprofits are run in my first year at YPTC than I had in my previous 10 years working in the field. You get exposed here to different clients and their various situations and accounting systems. It’s eye-opening with so many new things to learn. It’s made me a better professional for my clients. You get a breadth of experience to draw on when there are problems to solve.

There’s a real sense of community and camaraderie among the staff. Everyone is on the same page and there’s no friction at all. Everyone gets along well and is very helpful. It’s a real positive, collaborative environment. Even though as an associate you’re working independently you know that’s there’s a network of other associates and managers behind you who you can rely on if you need help.

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