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Lisa Cahill

"Going from 55 hours a week to 35 is great..."


During my time in public accounting I had my daughter. The hours were insane: I was working only part-time but it was still 55 to 60 hours a week, and I wanted to spend more time with my daughter. I wanted to stay in accounting but I didn’t know where to take it. I started looking for other opportunities and was familiar with YPTC through an associate who worked with one of my clients. I didn’t know much about the job, but the website lured me in. I had a couple of interviews and I was sold. They really emphasize the work-life balance: going from 55 hours a week to 35 is great. Having been an auditor, I enjoy going out to a lot of clients where you learn about different organizations and you’re not doing the same thing every day. My co-workers and the management team are pretty awesome: it’s nice to know that someone’s always got your back. If you have a question, someone will help you. If you’re stressed with time they’ll send someone in to help you out. They don’t just leave you hanging. They say they value their employees and I believe that they really do. It’s nice to know that you’re cared about.

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