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David Dobbs

"Coming to YPTC was a golden opportunity......"

David Dobbs Final Test

The biggest reason I like working for YPTC is that I get to work with multiple nonprofits and help them to fulfill their missions. The chance to help multiple nonprofits succeed is a golden benefit. I have over 25 years of experience working with nonprofits as essentially their CFO, including being the treasurer for the Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church where I got to work with 800 churches. So for me, coming to YPTC was a golden opportunity. A lot of nonprofits – especially the smaller ones – don’t understand accounting or know how to use their accounting software to help them become more efficient and make wise financial and administrative decisions. To help them understand all that and clear up their financial picture is really what we’re here for and I love that opportunity.

I like the people of YPTC. We don’t have a huge office here in Phoenix, but we all talk and share and there’s always somebody there to help you and to look out for you. It’s not a cutthroat environment. No one is trying to steal your clients or undercut you. They’re all here with the bigger picture in mind – to share knowledge and help everyone succeed. It’s a really nice environment, and I like that.

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