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Moira Shively

"There's no us against them or you against me, it's all us......"

Moira New

I began working in accounting in 1987 and was at a number of different firms over the years. It’s been quite a journey. But I was always interested in nonprofits and wanted to spend my time with something that had more impact than a bottom line. When I started with YPTC I quickly realized that I was now getting to do what I really wanted to do, but with six different clients and six different missions.

After going through YPTC’s interview process, which is very involved, lengthy and detailed, I felt that not only I, but also anyone else who goes through the process, absolutely belongs here. I felt that it wasn’t just me but the team that I’ll be working with has the caliber to get the job done. That instills confidence and it adds to the magic they have going on.

Everything we do with our colleagues and managers uses a carrot and not a stick. There’s no us against them or you against me, it’s all us. We’re all in this boat together. We fix problems together. It’s all very positive in that regard. I was in one toxic environment in my past and once you’ve seen that you realize how constructive an environment like YPTC can be.

I’ve been doing accounting for a long time. I love my work and the flexibility and the company. I feel like I’ve arrived at my destination and I enjoy being here. I’ve been at this long enough to know that when you have a good thing going stay with it.

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