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Jeanne Juckett

"YPTC is a family......"

Jeanne Juckett Test

I was at another company for 18 years. When it closed down, someone who worked at YPTC reached out to me. I was intrigued by the idea of working with nonprofit organizations and making a difference by being an accountant. We’re actually helping people, and how many accountants can ever really say that? I ended up not with a job in the field as an associate, but as part of the support staff and now I’m the Controller at Your Part-Time Controller.

Why do I love it? We are so supported by our colleagues and management, both professionally and personally. YPTC is a family that learns from each other and genuinely cares about each other. We now have 350+ people on staff who you can reach out to with a question and someone always has an answer. There’s a tremendous commitment to our professional growth: they devote a lot of time and money to give us opportunities to grow. They’re invested in us and that’s really important. They genuinely care about their staff. You don’t see that in a lot of companies. I’m proud to be employed by a “Best Place to Work”!

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