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George H. Stout, Jr.

"We can set our own schedules..."


I joined Your Part-Time Controller in July, 2010, after having been a controller in the private sector with publicly-traded high-tech/software firms. It’s refreshing for me to see my clients doing good work and not just interested in maximizing profits.

I like the fact that we associates can set our own schedules based on our clients’ needs. Working with three clients over a five-day week, I can round-robin them with flexibility and adjust my schedule if one of them has an audit or a board meeting needing extra attention.

I also like being able to go to more than one client. My three clients are about as diversified as they can get, so I get a taste of many different cultures and missions. It’s always fresh and it never gets old. I love the constant busy pace: it’s always fun and never gets boring.

I like the way we’re all on one team. At any time, if I have a question come up that I can’t answer, I can send out an e-mail to the other associates and in 10 minutes I’ll get an answer. When my clients hire me, they hire all of us. Eric and Jen have set up an environment of people and technology that’s very supportive to us, both professionally and emotionally, and I really appreciate that.

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