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Jane Aldea

"I’m now able to help many nonprofits..."


After moving back to New Jersey, I found myself looking for employment that offered something different, exciting and more challenging. Over the years, I had felt that many of my previous positions had become routine and mundane, and I wanted a role that offered constant challenges and learning opportunities; I found that at YPTC. The challenges here are constant, with changing demands and priorities and a diverse range of clients, so I’ve never been bored.

Since being promoted to a Manager’s position in the New York City office, I enjoy my work even more. As a Manager I’m now able to help many nonprofits as well as a lot of Associates. Instead of just assisting a handful of clients, I now manage numerous clients and see more of our nonprofit clients’ great work. Having that sense of all the expertise we provide to help so many nonprofits is very rewarding.

In my new role I’m also getting to know my colleagues even better. I’m gaining an even greater appreciation for the benefits of being part of a world class organization made up of an incredibly talented team.

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