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Maziar Zavareh

"I read those testimonials many, many times..."


My background is in the for-profit industry, working as an accounting manager and controller for Fortune 500 companies. What intrigued me about taking a position at Your Part-Time Controller was looking at the website for several years and reading the employees’ testimonials about why they enjoy working there. I read those testimonials many, many times. At first I was cautious but when I saw so many of them I realized these statements couldn’t be staged.

So I decided to pull the trigger and work for nonprofits, and it’s been nothing but rewarding. I am adding real value to my clients’ operations and they appreciate that. The satisfaction that you get, knowing that you are making a difference, is a terrific source of motivation. Just recently I had an Executive Director stop me in the hallway and let me know how much she values my time.

As a consultant, you realize that your time with a specific client is scarce, therefore, you are determined to be efficient in working hard and getting results with almost 100% productivity rate. That’s another factor that I really do enjoy.

YPTC hires only professionals. Senior management offers great training. Combine all this with the great expertise that associates bring to the table to begin with, and that’s the secret to happy clients.

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