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Larry Kaplan

"There’s a lot of feel-good..."


I’ve been working closely with nonprofit membership associations for nearly 25 years. I learned about YPTC at the Greater Washington Association of CPAs’ nonprofit conference and when an opportunity came up I decided this is what I wanted to do.

I like the diversity of working with different clients and the variety of the work. I’m doing a very nice mixture of financial analysis and accounting – it’s not all just hardcore debits and credits. I find it very rewarding not doing the same thing every day. There are a lot of different challenges. The work is part accounting and part being a consultant who can come in and see how you can help. Plus, when you see how well you’re received when you come in to a client who really needs you and wants you, there’s a lot of feel-good with that.

Another factor, which I hadn’t expected, is the camaraderie with all the YPTC staff. Everyone is always willing to help. If you have a question there are a lot of people to help you with assistance and guidance; no one is going to judge you, they’re going to see what they can do to help you fix things. The internal network is great. The positive attitude with everybody is really refreshing.

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