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Lara Meyer

"There’s a lot to love..."


I was in San Diego when my husband got a job with the feds and so we moved to the Washington, D.C. area. My job there wasn’t terribly interesting, so when I came out here I looked for something where I would have the chance to learn new things. Most of my work had been with for-profits and I wanted to get some nonprofit experience. I was really excited when I found this job: it seemed like a great opportunity and it was unlikely that I would ever get bored. I was thrilled that there was even an opportunity like this. It hadn’t occurred to me that there would be somebody who was outsourcing accounting to nonprofits.

There’s a lot to love. The variety is a big part of it but getting to see how different people choose to solve problems is really rewarding and an interesting part of the job. My clients are a mix of regional, national and even international nonprofits, and everyone does things a little bit differently.

In accounting, you don’t always feel like you’re adding value but here you can see where you really make a difference for a small organization.

The people who I work with are smart, unique and committed. At most jobs there are always a few people who are just dialing it in but I don’t see that here. Everybody at YPTC is trying to do their job well, and they’re always willing to help. If you have a question people will step up with their opinion or their expertise or offer to help you out crunching numbers if they have a free day. This isn’t something that you find everywhere.

There aren’t a lot of places where everyone is treated as valuable. I’m especially amazed at staff meetings where Eric and Jen know everybody’s name. That’s impressive and a really neat thing. And the investment in the education of the staff is one of my favorite things about YPTC.

I’m really happy here. I’m glad that they picked me!

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