Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC)’s Government Funding Department recently helped the African American Museum in Philadelphia secure a $308,000 federal grant. The grant will enable the museum, which is relocating and expanding in advance of the 2026 semi quincentennial, to create the inaugural exhibition in its new home.

“YPTC’s Government Funding Department provided our organization with an opportunity to apply for a grant that seemed unattainable,” stated the African American Museum’s President & CEO Ashley Jordan. “The application requirements for the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) grant seemed like a daunting task for an institution in the midst of organizational growth. YPTC filled in the gaps of our limited staffing to make the impossible a reality. We now have $300,000 to help implement our strategic vision.”

The Government Funding Department, led by Derick Dreher, a former nonprofit Executive Director, was created to help YPTC’s clients bring in funds from some of the billions of dollars in grants the federal government awards to nonprofits every year.

Offering two valuable services, the department is committed to assisting nonprofits with funding research and with applying for important funding opportunities.

  1. Research Service: matches the organization’s programs and funding needs with the grant initiatives offered by various federal agencies. This can include state agencies or even foundations if desired.
  2. Application Service: gathers your information and prepares the narrative, budget, and other materials required to complete the application(s). All the clients must do is review and submit.

When a grant is awarded to a nonprofit, YPTC can draw on 30 years of expertise in managing federal monies, setting up appropriate controls, negotiating indirect cost agreements (NICRA) and preparing for federal audits.

The Government Funding Department is part of YPTC’s ongoing commitment to build stronger nonprofits. These services give nonprofit organizations a chance to bring in major federal funding, while also putting time back their day. Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation conversation to learn more.

Congratulations to the African American Museum. YPTC is proud to serve this fantastic organization and help it pursue its strategic goals.

Learn more about YPTC’s government funding services here.