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Gary Williams

"It's opened a whole new world to me..."


I had had no work background in nonprofits. All my experience had been in the private market. I’ve found this work a little bit challenging in trying to manage my schedules for several clients. But it’s opened a whole new world to me. I’ve been involved with nonprofits in my private life through hockey clubs, but seeing what my clients do for people who are disabled, or hungry, or displaced – and the sub-par wages they work for – is amazing.

These are trying times. Funders are looking more closely at how they spend their money, and my clients are trying to stretch their dollars as best as they can. We’re trying to help them stay in existence. I’m really proud to be able to provide services to nonprofits and help them help the people they’re serving.

It’s been a real eye-opener for me. YPTC is a family environment. Everyone is willing to help out everyone else. Eric and Jen are very considerate of your work-life balance. They’ve got a great deal of concern for the employees. I started out with three weeks’ vacation and about two-and-a-half-weeks of paid holidays, sick and personal time: no one else does that! They took a chance on me, and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to learn another type of accounting.

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