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Category: The Nonprofit Show

FOUNDATIONS 101 – What Nonprofits Need To Know!

Susan Wagoner, from Your Part-Time Controller, discusses the ins and outs of working with foundations on this Nonprofit Power Week episode. Susan begins by explaining the different types of foundations,

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Associations And Your Nonprofit!

On this Nonprofit Power Week episode, we have Teresa Henderson, the Association Specialization Leader at Your Part-Time Controller (YPTC). Teresa discusses the unique challenges and innovations focusing on associations. Associations play

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Why Nonprofits Need To Know About NICRA!

In this Nonprofit Power Week episode, Hatsy Cutshall from Your Part-Time Controller (YPTC) talks about NICRA, which stands for Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, in the context of nonprofit organizations.

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The Arts And Tickets! Ways NPO’s Make Money – The Nonprofit Show

Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of accounting for arts and cultural nonprofits in this exciting interview with CPA extraordinaire, Justine Townsend from Your Part-Time Controller, in an

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Federal Grant And Award Insights – The Nonprofit Show

Need advice on Federal Grants? Denzel Blount, a CPA and manager at the nonprofit accounting firm "Your Part Time Controller" (YPTC), shares his expertise on federal grants and awards. Hosts

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Federal Grant And Application Insights!

The department leader of government funding at Your Part-Time Controller, Derick Dreher, shares valuable insights about federal grants and the application process for nonprofits. Derick emphasizes the importance of having

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Rachel DeMatteo on The Nonprofit Show: Forging Strong Foundation and NPO Relationships!

Rachel DeMatteo, a Director at Your Part-Time Controller (YPTC), discusses the importance of forging strong relationships between nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and foundations with effective communication, understanding, and collaboration. YPTC is

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Jen Banks on The Nonprofit Show: Budget Planning for Nonprofits!

During periods of uncertainty, budgeting for non-profit organizations can be an especially daunting task. To help navigate tumultuous times, Jennifer Banks, Manager at Your Part-Time Controller, recommends taking a long-term

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Deanna Peterson on The Nonprofit Show! Getting Development And Accounting on The Same Page!

When accuracy conflicts with personalities, often times, things don't get done. Deanna Peterson from outlines the communication strategies which work to bring different points of view and mindsets into

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Jennifer Alleva On The Nonprofit Show! Year End Review

Cybersecurity, succession planning, federal grant awards, and data visualization systems are robustly discussed with nonprofit sector expert Jennifer Alleva, CPA, Managing Partner at Your Part-Time Controller. Plus, connections to resources

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