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Category: The Nonprofit Show

Deanna Peterson on The Nonprofit Show! Getting Development And Accounting on The Same Page!

When accuracy conflicts with personalities, often times, things don't get done. Deanna Peterson from outlines the communication strategies which work to bring different points of view and mindsets into

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Jennifer Alleva On The Nonprofit Show! Year End Review

Cybersecurity, succession planning, federal grant awards, and data visualization systems are robustly discussed with nonprofit sector expert Jennifer Alleva, CPA, Managing Partner at Your Part-Time Controller. Plus, connections to resources

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Audit Tips for Nonprofits with Federal Grants: Eric Wilson on The Nonprofit Show

CPA and Manager at Your Part-time Controller, LLC, Eric Wilson, describes the key issues and lays out elements of internal controls needed at nonprofits to properly account for and manage

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Nonprofit Accounting Questions Asked & Answered: Ellie Hume on The Nonprofit Show

Sharp questions from Power Week viewers; Cost of virtual accounting | Gauging accounting genius | Volunteer bookkeepers? Co-hosted with Ellie Hume, CPA, MBA from Your Part-Time Controller, LLC.

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3 Needs of a Virtual Accounting Department: Dan Tritch on The Nonprofit Show

Nonprofits are migrating to virtual accounting systems for many good reasons. There are 3 main elements to include when evaluating systems. Dan Tritch joined us on this Nonprofit Power Week

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3 Steps to Improve Your Charity Ratings: Tanya Pal on The Nonprofit Show

There are many rating agencies evaluating your nonprofit, from Guidestar to Givewell. Learn from Tanya Pal, CPA from Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, how to maneuver your public ratings to the

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5 Frightening Frauds: Jennifer Alleva on The Nonprofit Show

Whether it's phishing, vishing, smishing, or another socially engineered threat, nonprofits should heed these warnings from CPA Jennifer Alleva on this Nonprofit Power Week episode, covering 5 of the most

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7 Tips for Nonprofit Finance Departments: Angela Coaxum on The Nonprofit Show!

Launching Day 1 of Nonprofit Power Week, Angela Coaxum shares the seven ingredients' nonprofits need to create a top-level financial department. From timely reconciliations to the board's role, each build

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Deanna Peterson on The Nonprofit Show: Nonprofit Accounting Audits in a Remote World

From automated approval systems, better audit flow, to setting new communication paths, remote audits for nonprofits are saving money, time, and increasing accuracy. From, Deanna Peterson, CPA, talks shop

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Using Data Visualizations And Dashboards: Bill Schwab on The Nonprofit Show!

William Schwab, YPTC, clarifies how graphics and simplified 'Direct' headlines do a better job of grabbing the reader wading through your nonprofit data, whether it's the board, staff, clients, or

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