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On Demand! Associations Insights: Navigating Trends & Challenges

Associations Insights: Navigating Trends & Challenges Join YPTC and special guest Dr. Michael Tatonetti for a webinar specifically targeted at those in the nonprofit association industry! In this session, we'll share

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Getting Nonprofit Accounting & Development Teams Working Together Featuring Patricia Withington on The Nonprofit Show

On this episode of The Nonprofit Show, join Patricia Withington, Director at YPTC, in navigating the relationship between nonprofit accounting and development departments to learn how these two essential facets

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On Demand! Federal Funding Blueprint: Finding and Managing Federal Grants in a Changing Environment

Federal Funding Blueprint: Finding and Managing Federal Grants in a Changing Environment Date: April 24th, 2024 @ 12:00 pm ET If your organization is planning to apply for one of the tens of

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What Is an In-Kind Donation? The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide

Picture this: you run a homeless shelter, and you’re always coming up with innovative ways to fundraise so you can provide your residents with everything they need, including food, clothing,

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CEOs: Prioritize Your Organization’s Financial Story and Internal Controls

This is an excerpt from In Business PHX March Edition. For the full article, please visit: It’s Lonely at the Top: Empowering CEOs to Be Their Best - Greater Phoenix

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Navigating Nonprofit Tech Featuring Alicia Eastvold on The Nonprofit Show

Are you struggling to navigate nonprofit technology? Learn strategies for leveraging technology effectively in nonprofits, the worth of tech integration, and the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind implementing technology

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Navigating the Audit: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

Does the thought of your annual financial audit induce anxiety? With some preparation and insight into the process, nonprofits can navigate to an audit-ready harbor.   Why Get Audited?  Nonprofits may be required

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Nonprofit Accounting: What Charitable Orgs Need to Know

As a nonprofit professional, your strong suit is likely fundraising, volunteer management, and beneficiary programming. While these mission-sustaining activities are central to your organization, there are underlying processes that need

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On Demand! Logic over Luck: Revenue Recognition for Nonprofits

Logic over Luck: Revenue Recognition for Nonprofits Date: March 27th, 2024 @ 12 pm EST Revenue recognition involves a lot more than the luck of the draw, as characterizing grants and contracts as

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Recent IRS Error May Misrepresent Nonprofits’ Financial Data

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 14, 2024:  the IRS indicated it has fixed the problem and made new data available to third-party sites that publish Form 990 information. YPTC continues to

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