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Staff Testimonials

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to what some of our many clients have to say about us. They’ve been with us for years and have come to treat us “like one of the family.”

Heather Staff Testimonial

"Everything lived up to what I hoped it would be..."

Heather Blanchard

I came from the for-profit community. After 15 yea...

Staff Testimonials-04

"YPTC’s culture fit with what I was looking for..."

Andrew Miller

After working in financial services and for a smal...

Staff Testimonials-03

"The independence and the trust that YPTC gives me..."

Sherri Melamut

I started my career in public accounting with a bi...

Staff Testimonials Jeffrey

"A passion for helping others..."

Jeff Dean

I’m a CPA and came to YPTC after a more-than-30-...

Staff Testimonials Sandra

"The perfect balance of being a professional while working part-time..."

Sandra Magri

I came to YPTC’s New England office as a two-tim...

Staff Testimonials Kayla

"A real opportunity for growth..."

Kayla Bilodeau

I did my undergraduate work in accounting and late...

Staff Testimonials Lisa

"There are a ton of opportunities..."

Lisa Dibella

I was recruited to join the New England office whe...

Staff Testimonials Liz

"I was able to take a vacation..."

Liz Forrest

What I like most about YPTC is the culture. This w...

Staff Testimonials Sam

"If I have an idea it will be taken seriously..."

Sam Trembly

YPTC always gets nominations as a Best Place To Wo...

Staff Testimonials Julianne

"There’s never a stagnant day here..."

Julianne Spingler

I have a journalism degree from Temple University ...

Staff Testimonials Carly

"A company that truly respects new, original ideas..."

Carly Smith

When I started searching for a new design position...

Staff Testimonials Michael

"I'm in charge of my destiny..."

Michael Sitowitz

I’d been doing accounting for over 35 years, the...

Staff Testimonials Angela

"It really is a Best Place To Work..."

Angela Kampanis

After I got my CPA I was in public accounting. I w...

Staff Testimonials Mitch

"They checked every box on my wish list..."

Mitchell Roshong

I was an accounting major in college. I was follow...


"Coming to YPTC was a golden opportunity......"

David Dobbs

The biggest reason I like working for YPTC is that...


"There's no us against them or you against me, it's all us......"

Moira Shively

I began working in accounting in 1987 and was at a...


"YPTC is a family......"

Jeanne Juckett

I was at another company for 18 years. When it clo...

Staff Testimonials Dina

"There’s a big family here to help you succeed every day...."

Dina Ramirez

I emigrated from El Salvador in 1997 and didn’t ...


"Impressed with YPTC's responsiveness..."

Barbara J. Smith

When I was working for a Philadelphia CPA firm, I ...


"The coolest accountants I’ve ever met..."

Linda White-Ballou

I’ve been doing accounting for 40 years, and...


"There is no feeling of internal competition..."

Tom Colicchio

After 30 years in accounting and financial managem...


"My clients treat me as if I'm one of their own..."

Brittany Asay

I started my career in San Diego, Calif., working ...


"You feel like you're paying it forward..."

Tamika Garrett

It’s not that often that you can find flexibilit...


"If you need help, just reach out..."

Jim McCormick

The support is great: everyone is very helpful and...


"I know that I'm appreciated..."

Clare Sciulli

Joining YPTC was the best decision I have ever mad...


"They asked me what I wanted..."

Judy Eisler

I did a lot of things in reverse. I had years of b...


"A sense of accomplishment at the end of the day..."

Erin K.

My background wasn’t in nonprofit accounting. I ...


"The clients we work with are awesome..."

Ellie Hume

I’m the first YPTC transplant: I moved from the ...


"They let you have a personal life..."

Michele Tobiassen

While I was in college, I worked for a woman who h...


"Trust is one of the pillars of our culture..."

Teresa Salemi

What I like most about working for YPTC is our cul...


"For the first time I feel like I belong somewher..."

Melissa McGuire

I’ve been out in the ‘real world’ for about ...


"I enjoy going to work every day..."

Stacy Yulsman

After working for YPTC for almost five years I can...


"The nonprofit bug bit me..."

Vanessa Thomas-Smith

I came to YPTC in 2011 with an unusual background....


"I have absolute faith in the leadership..."

Jenn Hrebik

I love having a network of fellow professionals wh...


"They have your back..."

Howard Kimball, MBA

I worked for quite a number of firms – mostly bi...


"When you're happy, your clients appreciate you even more..."

Jill Emerson

This has been a wonderful year for me. I like the ...


"It's a marriage of my technical skills and what I love to do..."

Ken Modica

I come from a for-profit background, but I have 20...


"I felt like I had come home..."

Harriet S. (Hatsy) Cutshall, Manager

Prior to my knowing that YPTC even existed, I had ...


"It's opened a whole new world to me..."

Gary Williams

I had had no work background in nonprofits. All my...


"We celebrate what we're doing right..."

Elizabeth Williams

I originally studied actuarial science at Temple U...


"We can set our own schedules..."

George H. Stout, Jr.

I joined Your Part-Time Controller in July, 2010, ...


"My clients treat me like I'm part of their team..."

Heidi Pelczar

I LOVE working for YPTC because there is always so...


"People who come to their jobs because they want to give something back..."

Helen Fox

I enjoy working with my clients and admire their c...


"Great opportunities for professional development..."

Corey Blum

I didn’t have the nonprofit sector in my backgro...


"I can’t imagine working anywhere else..."

Suzanne D’Angelo

I’ve worked for YPTC for more than 20 years, and...


"The best of both worlds..."

Tesa Piccioni

Working for Your Part-Time Controller offers the b...


"YPTC was a breath of fresh air..."

Elizabeth Spina

I went into public accounting right out of college...


"I’m now able to help many nonprofits..."

Jane Aldea

After moving back to New Jersey, I found myself lo...


"I read those testimonials many, many times..."

Maziar Zavareh

My background is in the for-profit industry, worki...


"The culture here is great..."

Andi McGunnigle

I had my MBA and had worked in the corporate field...


"No one is on an ego trip..."

Angelo DeSantis

Before coming to Your Part-Time Controller I had h...


"You’re hiring all of us..."

William Schwab

I first learned of Your Part-Time Controller when ...


"Client appreciation and personal satisfaction all around..."

Cassandra Tan

I’m originally from Malaysia and got my professi...


"Our business model is far better for both partie..."

David Pate

After college all those years ago, I worked in pub...


"The best part about working here is the variety..."

Marla Carter

I started my career in public accounting. I hopped...


"Genuinely nice people..."

Huan Li (“Lily”)

Before I came to Your Part-Time Controller I had b...


"It’s more gratifying..."

Jennifer Santore

I had worked for very large national corporations ...


"You’re not walking into the same grind every day..."

Joan Resnikoff

This is the best organization I’ve ever worked f...


"A firm that wants the best for its clients..."

Rita Garson

I was working as the part-time Director of Finance...


"Making a difference in the back office..."

Vicki Edwards

I started my career at one of the nation’s large...


"People rally around you and support you..."

Amina Bell

I can’t say enough about the culture here. A cou...


"There’s a lot of feel-good..."

Larry Kaplan

I’ve been working closely with nonprofit members...


"There’s a lot to love..."

Lara Meyer

I was in San Diego when my husband got a job with ...


"People who believe in what they're doing..."

Judy Peakes

At my age it’s great to keep learning new things...


"Everyone is so happy it’s refreshing..."

Mike Fries

I had worked in a lot of different jobs doing publ...


"There’s really something different going on here..."

Glen Devenish

After 20 years of working in public accounting and...


"Working with the mission..."

Teri Ten Eyck

I’ve worked in accounting and finance in a wide ...


"They’ve really mastered the work-life balance..."

Kasey Henry

I just can’t say enough good things about workin...


"The best part of the job is the feedback from your clients..."

Brian Potten

I’ve done accounting for a labor union and a sma...


"YPTC has given me back a part of my life..."

Jeremy Akers

I had been working in public accounting for years....


"I definitely like the flexibility..."

Holly Walsh

My career started in public accounting, like so ma...


"Going from 55 hours a week to 35 is great..."

Lisa Cahill

During my time in public accounting I had my daugh...


"Working with people you can trust..."

Dan Tritch

I worked for YPTC back in 2012-2013 in the Philade...


"You’re part of a much bigger mission..."

Michael Keating

What’s great about working at YPTC? Three big th...


"The diversity of things you can do..."

Thom Lord

I came to YPTC in 2015 with a diverse background i...


"I’m learning so much here..."

Lizeth Herrera

I worked in public accounting and in industry for ...


"We’re uniquely qualified to help nonprofits achieve their mission..."

Melissa Fawcett

I was working for a soccer-based sports ministry i...


"It’s eye-opening with so many new things to learn..."

Joshua Halko

I have a degree in theater and English literature ...

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