Our staff have wonderful, kind words to say about YPTC. Here are just a few...

Barbara J. Smith

When I was working for a Philadelphia CPA firm, I audited a YPTC client, a nonprofit arts center for which YPTC performs the accounting functions. On my first day of the audit a YPTC staff member handed me an “audit binder” containing the financial statements, supporting schedules and all the documentation that I needed for the audit.

"They treat you like an adult..."

Jim Little

I came to Your Part-Time Controller after many years in manufacturing, municipal government and nonprofit finance. My last position had been made redundant. When YPTC’s Talent Recruiter contacted me in September, 2013 I thought I might give this a shot. Four interviews later, I’m glad they found me.

"People are just plain happy here..."

Robert Drennen

Before joining the YPTC team, I had spent the previous 20 years in for-profit private industry. While this was good experience, I felt that something was missing. I believe that small business is the backbone of the economy and running a profitable one is a noble venture but I found that too often a company’s stated values in their mission statement were not consistent with their practices.

Tom Colicchio

After 30 years in accounting and financial management, all in the for-profit arena in mostly larger, international corporations, I found myself for the first time in my career “in-search”. One thing that I knew was that I wanted a major change in terms of culture and working environment.

Brittany Asay

I started my career in San Diego, Calif., working as an accountant and then a controller for a fairly large, nonprofit, social service organization. Even though I worked on accounting and administrative tasks and not program, I felt like I was part of their bigger mission.

"I could do what I enjoy doing best..."

Gregg Indictor

After spending a lot of time in public accounting and after 15 tax seasons I decided I didn’t want to do taxes ever again. So I left to become the CFO for one of my clients, but I missed working in client services. I saw Your Part-Time Controller’s website and realized that there would be no tax seasons.

"You feel like you're paying it forward..."

Tamika Garrett

It’s not that often that you can find flexibility in the accounting world and still make a decent wage. I work part-time and I like the ‘mini-travel’, going out to see different clients. Every day is different: different places, different people, and different aspects of the nonprofit experience. I had worked for a nonprofit before so this world is not totally foreign to me. My clients are all different and it’s interesting to see how the nonprofit sector has evolved.

"If you need help, just reach out..."

Jim McCormick

The support is great: everyone is very helpful and there’s no competition. I like the fact that all new employees are assigned a mentor, who is someone you can bounce ideas off and get answers. And if your mentor doesn’t know, you can send an e-mail blast to everyone and get immediate response.

"I know that I'm appreciated..."

Clare Sciulli

Joining YPTC was the best decision I have ever made, and I knew it on my first day. I haven’t looked back since I started.

Judy Eisler

I did a lot of things in reverse. I had years of bookkeeping experience, but no college degree. I finally decided to get my degree and put all of my experience to better use. I earned a scholarship to West Chester University and I completed a BS in Professional Studies.

"A team that you want to be a part of..."

Mary Mackey

I like the fact that you’re appreciated, both within YPTC and at your clients, and that this appreciation is vocalized significantly at both ends. You don’t get that in public accounting. Everyone on the staff welcomes you and you get great support from many talented people. You don’t feel like you’re alone when you’re at a client.

Ellie Hume

I’m the first YPTC transplant: I moved from the Washington office to the New York office. I was living in D.C. and was looking for a job. I was interviewing for the position that YPTC’s Washington manager, Hatsy Cutshall, had just left. As I was going through the interview process I realized that it wasn’t going to be a good fit.

"I like the 'part-timeness' of the job..."

Jane Lindemann

Except for Eric Fraint, I am the YPTC employee with the most longevity – I started in 1998 and my employee ID number is 2. When my kids were growing up and still living at home, the flexibility that YPTC offered was a plus. Even after all these years, I like the ‘part-timeness’ of the job.

"They let you have a personal life..."

Michele Tobiassen

While I was in college, I worked for a woman who had her own successful business and a family. The way she was able to balance her work and home life was wonderful and I thought that this was exactly what I wanted to be able to do.

"I'm never taken for granted..."

Teresa Salemi

I feel like I’m treated like a part of my clients’ organizations and that they’re always happy to see me. They show a lot of gratitude when they see me helping them with their mission – and that gives me instant gratification.

Melissa McGuire

I’ve been out in the ‘real world’ for about 25 years. It was a refreshing change to come to Your Part-Time Controller. For the first time I feel like I belong somewhere. You’re part of a team here: I’d never felt that before.

"I enjoy going to work every day..."

Stacy Yulsman

After working for YPTC for almost five years I can say that I enjoy going to work every day. There are not a lot of people who can say that.

Nancy Hennefer

I spent the first part of my career working under fast-paced, very demanding conditions in public accounting and private industry. What brought me to YPTC was my grandson: I reassessed what I wanted to do in this phase of my life, and decided that I wanted to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives.

"I have absolute faith in the leadership..."

Jenn Hrebik

I love having a network of fellow professionals who I can turn to. I came to Your Part-Time Controller from an environment where I was the only accounting professional. It’s difficult being your own resource!

"They have your back..."

Howard Kimball

I worked for quite a number of firms – mostly big companies and manufacturing companies. When I saw the opportunity to join a small company with more of a consulting-type role, it appealed to me. I didn’t want to have to go to the same place, doing the same job, every day for the next 20 years. I fell in love with YPTC’s whole presentation.

Jill Emerson

This has been a wonderful year for me. I like the fact that Eric and Jen take the time to recognize that their employees may be interested in becoming involved in other parts of the organization. So in addition to being an associate, I’m now also director of Bookkeeper Technician University®, which lets me use some of my other skills. It’s very rewarding to be a part of this program and to offer this training to our nonprofit clients.

Ken Modica

I come from a for-profit background, but I have 20 years of service to the nonprofit community in my spare time. Working with the variety of different organizations and causes we have here is a real marriage of my technical skills and what I love to do as a volunteer. So this seems like a perfect career for me.

Angela Coaxum

After many years of working in auditing for large corporations, I came to Your Part-Time Controller basically because I enjoy working with nonprofits. I wanted to become a controller so I could use my internal and external auditing skills. YPTC had everything I wanted: the ability to see different clients, the opportunity to be always learning something new, and the chance to see every day as a new experience. The work is enjoyable.

Harriet S. (Hatsy) Cutshall

Prior to my knowing that YPTC even existed, I had made my own career choice to use my accounting skills and business management experience to help nonprofits succeed at fulfilling their missions. I had seen firsthand that many nonprofit managers do their organizations a disservice in not understanding the value of sound financial management and analysis in doing what they set out to do. YPTC provides that value.

Gary Williams

I had had no work background in nonprofits. All my experience had been in the private market. I’ve found this work a little bit challenging in trying to manage my schedules for several clients. But it’s opened a whole new world to me. I’ve been involved with nonprofits in my private life through hockey clubs, but seeing what my clients do for people who are disabled, or hungry, or displaced – and the sub-par wages they work for – is amazing.

Elizabeth Williams

I originally studied actuarial science at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, but it wasn’t for me – it seemed like I was de-humanizing people into just statistics.  I switched to accounting and was much happier.  I went to work for an auditing firm and obtained my CPA license, but after going through a corporate merger I was looking to find some place with more of a family atmosphere and where I wouldn’t have to work so many crazy, taxing hours.

George H. Stout Jr.

I joined Your Part-Time Controller in July, 2010, after having been a controller in the private sector with publicly-traded high-tech/software firms. It’s refreshing for me to see my clients doing good work and not just interested in maximizing profits.

"Constant attention to supporting the staff..."

Jim Garrison

When I originally explored the option of working with YPTC it was with the notion that, in some way, I would like to do something with my career that had an element of ‘giving back’ to it.  This was after a long series of corporate and start-up ventures that were interesting, challenging and professionally rewarding, but had little if any social value.

"My clients treat me like I'm part of their team..."

Heidi Pelczar

I LOVE working for YPTC because there is always something new and challenging on my ‘to-do’ list. In the past I have found that I get bored with the monotony of my ‘accountant’ role. Having more than one client keeps things interesting – and boredom is never an issue.

"People who come to their jobs because they want to give something back..."

Helen Fox

I enjoy working with my clients and admire their compassion and commitment to their organization’s mission.  The commitment extends to the board members who give their time and support. As accountants, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the audit and the tax issues, but it’s a very good feeling to work with people who come to their jobs because they want to give something back, and they make you feel like you’re one of their group.

Corey Blum

I didn’t have the nonprofit sector in my background, and it’s a refreshing change to work with organizations that are interested in improving the community instead of maximizing profits. I get to work with community and political leaders in the area. I really enjoy what I’m doing now.

Suzanne D’Angelo

I’ve worked for YPTC for 10 years, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I can honestly say that I have never been bored! I don’t have the experience of doing the same tasks month after month. I face new challenges all the time and get the coaching and mentoring needed from Eric and Jen.

"My clients enjoy seeing me..."

Anthony Flacco

I came to YPTC in 2009 after 12 years in public accounting, and found this work to be a lot less stressful. One of the major benefits over public accounting and auditing is that in my previous career my clients dreaded seeing me, but at YPTC they enjoy seeing me. On my birthday recently, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me – that was a treat!

Bruce Levin

I was initially attracted to YPTC many years ago because of the ability to work a flexible schedule that would also allow me to be involved with my children’s school and extracurricular activities (whether they liked it or not).

"The best of both worlds..."

Tesa Piccioni

Working for Your Part-Time Controller offers the best of both worlds. I can serve the nonprofit sector while receiving the benefits of a for-profit organization. We grow very close to the boards and management of our clients working hand-in-hand with them. For me, I like being able to serve in the nonprofit community, while having the resources that Your Part-Time Controller provides, such as training and support from a team of accounting professionals.

"It's expanded my horizons..."

Curt Sharp

After 35 years of working in the nonprofit sector, I was trying to figure out whether I would retire. I took some time off and realized I had too much energy and drive not to try something new. And that brought me to Your Part-Time Controller.

"The best of both worlds...."

Jane Aldea

After moving back to New Jersey, I found myself looking for employment that offered something different, exciting, and more challenging. Over the years, I felt that many of my previous positions had become routine and mundane, and I wanted a role that offered constant challenges and learning opportunities; I found that at YPTC. The challenges here have been constant, with changing demands and priorities and a diverse range of clients, so I am never bored.

"I read those testimonials many, many times...."

Maziar Zavareh

My background is in the for-profit industry, working as an accounting manager and controller for Fortune 1000 companies. What intrigued me about taking a position at Your Part-Time Controller was looking at the website for several years and reading the employees’ testimonials about why they enjoy working there. I read those testimonials many, many times. At first I was cautious but when I saw so many of them I realized these statements couldn’t be staged.

“The culture here is great….”

Andi McGunnigle

What I like about YPTC is the ability to grow, to work independently, and to take on new challenges as opportunities arise. My latest challenge is starting up the new Houston office. I’m doing everything from finding new clients and staff, networking and meeting people in the community, finding office space, and getting the word out about who we are. In the middle of all that, Hurricane Harvey hit and I had to be more flexible. My work involves project management, interpersonal and organizational skills, a lot of marketing, and it’s all very exciting. My title is manager but I’m a ‘starter.’ My next challenge will be opening our next office.

“No one is on an ego trip….”

Angelo DeSantis

I totally enjoy it here. The culture and the people I work with are great. No one is on an ego trip. Everyone is very helpful. You have a lot more control over what you do on a day-to-day basis, in terms of your scheduling. It’s pretty much up to you as to how to schedule your day to meet your clients’ needs. And the work for nonprofits is always good, too. It’s just a great environment to be in.

“You’re hiring all of us….”

Bill Schwab

It has worked out phenomenally. As a CPA, I had often thought about starting my own firm, but now I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I have my one-on-ones with my clients, but I also have the resources of everyone at YPTC behind me. When the entire staff is together for meetings, you realize our true size, and the power we have in numbers. We like to tell our new clients that you’re not hiring one of us – you’re hiring all of us.

“Client appreciation and personal satisfaction all around….”

Cassandra Tan

The variety of client work, from providing the full spectrum of accounting services and preparing financial reports to providing process improvement recommendations, and the flexibility of controlling my own schedule keep me engaged. Being able to bring my previous work experiences from the for-profit world has definitely helped my nonprofit clients. There’s client appreciation and personal satisfaction all around.

“Our business model is far better for both parties….”

David Pate

I believe our business model is far better for both parties. By working at clients’ offices, we get to know them very well and they become trusting and forthcoming with us. This enables us to be more responsive and proactive for their sake.

“It makes the day go fast….”

Dennis McCaffery

It’s a great experience to go to different clients and to help them with their different problems. Right now I’m working with three different-sized organizations in three different fields, with three different accounting systems. What I do at each place is different so it makes the day go fast. There’s always something different and time flies. It’s nice having the change of pace.

“Genuinely nice people…”

Huan Li

The staff is really supportive. You usually work alone but when you do work with other associates you find that they’re genuinely nice persons and you can always learn something from them. The managers are really supportive, too. In most companies the managers just want you to get a job done, but at YPTC all the managers go out of their way to help you. They’re always asking you if your workload is OK, and if you’re happy with your job. I wasn’t a good fit with my first client and they switched me off that client immediately because I wasn‘t happy. You don’t usually see that.

“It’s more gratifying….”

Jennifer Santore


I like being able to take a comprehensive approach with a client and getting to see the full accounting cycle instead of just focusing on one small piece of it, which is how it works in large companies. It’s more gratifying. Large companies move very slowly and you can work on something for three or four years and not see much momentum. At YPTC you come to your clients and you get to finish something.  You can enter a really messy situation and when you get their books all cleaned up that’s gratifying.

“You’re not walking into the same grind every day….”

Joan Resnikoff

What I love about working here is that when I worked for a nonprofit, after I got them cleaned up it started getting a little boring and stale. One of the benefits here is having many clients so it certainly never gets boring. Each of my clients has challenges but they’re all different so you’re not walking into the same grind every day. The best part is the appreciation I get from my clients.

“A firm that wants the best for its clients…”

Rita Garson

I had never really been challenged in the interview process before. There were some areas of nonprofit accounting that I wasn’t aware of and I came out of the interviews with more information than I started with. They gave me an accounting test and that was proof that this is a firm that wants the best for its clients, and that’s truly what it is: a firm that wants the best for its clients.

“Making a difference in the back office…”

Victoria Edwards

So far I’ve had a pretty consistent client base of three terrific national nonprofits. I love my clients: they’re dedicated organizations, with meaningful missions, and I like that I’m helping to make a difference even if I’m in the back office. I like interacting with a lot of different people — it’s very rewarding and never gets boring. And my YPTC colleagues are amazing. We all come from diverse backgrounds and experience, which provides a great network for sharing.  If you have a question you can usually get an answer from someone who has already experienced the same thing. We also have great online resources, training and professional development benefits.

“The training is always current so we can be successful….”

Martha Huelsbeck

I’m impressed with how the managers are committed not only to the clients but also to the staff. It’s amazing to me how they support us with a designated training manager and how the training just comes and comes and comes and it’s always current so that we can be successful. The nonprofits that we work with are usually small and underfunded and they don’t normally get this kind of training. My clients rely on me to help them stay current, and that’s huge.

“There’s no one breathing down your neck….”

Nathan Musgrove

There’s a vigorous interview process and if you’re hired it’s because of their degree of confidence in your ability to function on a stand-alone basis. You know that your manager is there if you need something and that you have all the resources of other staff if you have questions. But there’s no one breathing down your neck and looking over your shoulder. At every other job my work underwent multiple reviews at many levels above me and my managers would put in changes that weren’t always productive. Here, it’s up to you to find the most efficient and appropriate way to get things done, at your discretion within the framework of best practices. The managers are top-notch and they don’t micro-manage you. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a manager here who wasn’t anything other than amazing.

“People rally around you and support you….”

Amina Bell

I can’t say enough about the culture here. A couple of years ago my husband and I lost our baby. The support I got from my colleagues and the company was incredible. My husband and I joined an organization that raises money to research stillbirths and we participated in a fundraising walk. Not only did people at YPTC donate the most amount of money, the people who couldn’t participate in that walk organized another one. When people here are going through hard times, there is support from your colleagues and management. In other companies you worry when you’re going through a hard time. Here, people rally around you and support you.

“The nonprofit bug bit me….”

Vanessa Smith

The nonprofit bug bit me and I couldn’t shake it. When I wasn’t performing I was working at the circus in marketing and development, learning about finance, and coming to understand grant writing and major gifts and connecting with donors and sponsors.