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Jennifer Alleva Named Managing Partner

Jennifer Alleva has been named Managing Partner at Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, effective immediately. Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC) provides accounting, financial reporting, and other financial services primarily to nonprofit organizations. Most services are performed onsite at clients’ offices. The firm does not provide audit or tax services. Alleva, who has been a partner at

YPTC Staff Learn About Innovations in Education

Nonprofits working in the educational sector face ongoing challenges. Their stakeholders are highly passionate with widely varying opinions and agendas. Establishing metrics to evaluate program impact can be daunting. And of course there is always the issue of inadequate funding to meet the needs. These were some of the issues addressed at Your Part-Time Controller’s

Meet “The Wizards of I.D.D.”

    Accountants are really, really good with numbers. We can reconcile your bank statements and do your cost accounting. We can calculate your debits and credits. We can prepare your month-end reports and your cash flow statements and your balance sheets. But how do we take all those numbers and translate them into meaningful

Your Chart-of-Accounts: The Key to Meeting Competing Needs For Financial Information

Your nonprofit organization faces demands for financial reports from a variety of different constituencies including management, staff, board committees, funders, grantors, donors, auditors, bankers and the IRS. Many of these financial report readers require that your reports be presented in different formats. The question is: how do you set up your accounting system to satisfy

Behind the Numbers: Cost Allocations when Fundraising is Involved

In our previous Behind the Numbers article, we explained the accounting rules governing the allocation of costs among the functional areas of programs and supporting services in nonprofit organizations (see Nonprofit Issues, October 16-31, 2004). This sequel explores the additional and somewhat arcane accounting rules that dictate when and how “joint activity” costs are split

Behind the Numbers: Accounting for In-Kind Contributions

Almost all nonprofit organizations have at some time received “in-kind” contributions; also known as “gifts-in-kind.” These non-cash contributions can take various forms such as gifts of long-lived assets, services performed by volunteers, gifts of museum collection items, gifts of inventory, gifts of items used for fundraising purposes, free use of facilities and utilities or use